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Cyber Secure | Standard


  • Simple to use and recommends best practices
  • Provides guidance on the use of a firewall & how to set it up
  • Enables you to test the effectiveness of your security system
  • Helps you to identify the most secure settings for your devices
  • Helps you to keep your software and systems up to date
  • Provides guidance on who should have access to your data
  • Helps you to identify whether you are protected from hackers
  • Covers the following 5 cyber security modules :
  • 1. Firewalls
  • 2. Secure configuration of systems
  • 3. Managing user accounts
  • 4. Protection from malware
  • 5. Patch management.
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Cyber Secure | Advanced


  • Manage overall security & information security
  • Access to cloud services
  • Provides risk management
  • Covers data protection
  • Covers physical and environmental protection
  • Provides security policy
  • Helps with operations and management
  • Helps with secure configuration
  • Covers software patching
  • Covers office firewalls & internet gateway
  • Provides guidance on managing user accounts
  • Provides malware protection
  • Provides vulnerability scanning
  • Covers monitoring of event logs
  • Covers backups & restoration of data
  • Covers incident management & business continuity plans
  • Covers GDPR information security ISO 27001

Cyber Secure Advanced has all the features
of Cyber Secure Standard and more

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