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Subject Request Process

dsar request form
Request Form

We offer a Consumer Data
Subject Form that you can easily
connect to your website

dsar control panel
DSAR Control Panel

Enjoy a full process
orchestration workflow

Monitor and record your dsar
Monitor & Record

Easily find, collect, review,
redact & fulfil DSAR requests

Find out how Seers
Data Subject Access Request
Solution can help

dsar end to end solution
End to End Solution

Easily manage the entire process
from request, validation, search,
redaction, delivery, etc

dsar systematised

DSAR solution includes
workflows that monitor, automate &
report on all tasks & activities
associated with the DSAR process

secure dsar

Our process meets the regulators
(ICO) and GDPR standards.
Which means all your data is
safe & secure


Request Form

Seers DSAR Request Form enables organisations to
deploy a fully featured system by which DSAR
requests can easily be submitted. It
records time of request & offers an efficient means
for communicating with the data subject

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data subject access request

Process Workflows

The DSAR solution includes workflows of all tasks &
activities associated with the entire DSAR process.
Once a request is received, appropriate personnel
are notified of required actions, such as validating,
searching and fulfilling requested information

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DSAR Control Panel

The Seers DSAR Control Panel provides visibility into
the status of every action, who is assigned, the
requests and much more.

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data subject access request control panel
dsar action request

Action Requests & Respond

Seers provides authorised personnel the ability to
quickly find information stored across their IT
infrastructure & review this information.
Once the requested information is identified then they
can review access, erase, rectify, restrict
process and action this information.

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How this can Benefit you


Comply & protect your
customers’ privacy rights
under GDPR

seers dsar

Simplify time consuming, risky and
error-prone processes of
managing & responding to all
DSAR requests

dsar-data subject access request

Focus on delivering value to
your customers

DSAR: Data Subject Access Requests
and other Rights

DSAR is defined under Article 15 of GDPR, which is the right to obtain from the
controller confirmation on whether they are processing personal data of the person
making the request and provide access to that data along with disclosing certain
information in relation to the processing. This information that has to be disclosed
includes; the categories of data that are being processed, the purpose of the
processing, whether the data has been passed onto third parties.

Manage DSAR Requests
with our easy to use solution