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Assessing the GDPR is a simple first step to

The GDPR audit is a great way to decide how
the regulation applies to your business-
critical, high risk or vulnerable areas of the

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Are you subject to GDPR?

GDPR Audit is the first step to discover whether (or not)
you are subject to GDPR in the first place. It identifies the critical, high risk, or weak
areas of your organisation

" I love the GDPR Audit. It’s good to feel 100% safe
from the fear of prosecution. "

Doug Armstrong

GDPR Facts : Did you know?

data subject request access
Data subject have Rights

Individuals can ask what data you hold on them under GDPR. They can legally request access to their data & request to rectify or delete their personal data

data breach management
Breach Management

Organisations must adhere to the
legal requirements in the case of
a data breach. Organisations are
required to inform individuals; as
well as the regulator within 72 hours

GDPR law
GDPR is Law

Non-compliance with the law carries fines of up to €20,000,000
or 4% of global turnover whichever
is higher.

GDPR Audit & Assessment

Our SAAS technology means you can easily become GDPR compliant by testing all your
procedures and systems with our easy to use tools.

Common GDPR
Issues & Questions

Have you got

Consent is one of the six lawful bases stipulated
by the GDPR. Under GDPR, consent should be
informed and given through a clear action
to be valid.

There are additional requirements under GDPR
in the case of processing the data of children.

How good is your
Information Security?

Information security is a key element of
data protection. Organisations must
implement the appropriate organisational
& technical measures to ensure that they are
compliant under GDPR

Got the right
Privacy Notices?

GDPR requires that organisations provide a
privacy notice, which informs data subjects
what data the organisation collects and holds
along with what they do with this data.

The GDPR Audit assesses whether these notices
are aligned with Articles 13 & 14.

Processing Risks?

Discover the compliance risk of your data
processing activity based on two criteria

1. Sensitive data and
2. Vulnerable individuals

As a rule of thumb, the more sensitive data
and data of vulnerable individuals you process,
the more compliance risk you carry.

Gap Analysis

Our technology means you can easily become
GDPR compliant by testing all your processes,
procedures and systems with our easy to use
tools. You can easily identify any gaps and take
action to address them.

Non-compliance with GDPR carries
fines of up to €20,000,000 or 4% of
annual turnover whichever is higher.

Non-compliance with GDPR carries
fines of up to €20,000,000 or 4% of
annual turnover whichever is higher.

GDPR Audit

The GDPR audit helps you in minimising the risk associated with privacy protection
in your current business. If you need a quick evaluation of all the areas of your business
to ensure that they comply with the GDPR, then you can use this tool. It will help you navigate
your way forward and troubleshoot the existing problem areas. If you are looking to further
understand the GDPR requirements and how this audit works, then you can read more
at the link below.

Become compliant with our
GDPR Audit Tool

Once you have utilised our GDPR Audit and Assessments, you can
rest assured you are GDPR Compliant and safe from fines.